Become a Sponsor

As with all student societies, funding is normally the main factor that cripples the ability to achieve maximum potential from their members. Not having the funding to acquire a certain piece of equipment, or not having the funding to attend a certain event, missing out on valuable skills and knowledge, is damaging to a society; especially a student society where students already have so much to pay out.

Sponsoring us would enable us to host events, host or visit speakers and demonstrations, take part in competitions and mix with other student bodies, purchase much needed equipment, visit industry, and more. There are many ways that you can support our society, whether it is by purchasing equipment for us, or by kindly offering a monetary donation.

We will have a tier system of sponsorship, depending on the value of your support. All support is greatly appreciated, but the more support, the more we can show our gratitude in ways that can help all parties concerned.

Please note: sponsorship is per academic year only.

Please feel free to refer to the Chester Students’ Union’s Sponsorship Guidelines found on the CSU Wesbite.

If you would like more information about sponsoring us, please contact us below.

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